Project: Integrated Direct Marketing Campaign

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IT managers viewed desktop and mobile PC backup as the individual users' responsibility. But they were plagued by user requests to find lost files, fix applications, and restore crashed hard drives. Connected's innovative automatic incremental online backup service solved a lot of these problems, but Connected, it's solution and the category were completely unknown and viewed as "just another backup product."


Position Connected's solution as an entirely new product category offering enterprise PC management and data protection benefits never before possible. First "sell to the pain." Position Connected's solution as a self-help toolset that makes the IT manager's life easier by automatically solving a myriad of annoying end-user complaints. Follow through by emphasizing the value of corporate data stored on PCs and laptops enterprise-wide and how much of it is at risk due to end-user negligence. Conclude that Connected has the smart solution for protecting corporate data enterprise-wide.

Program Elements

Renaissance Direct provided database development, messaging, all creative, print and electronic production and ongoing analysis for integrated direct mail and email campaign offering to "Eliminate the Top 7 PC Management Headaches."


IT management titles in industries with large numbers of PC desktop, and particularly laptop users. Offer: booklet and individual free trial of product. Test lists, offers and creative via ongoing analysis to fine tune a reliable lead generation "machine."