Lumigent Technologies

Project: Log Explorer Lead Generation

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Objective: Get better quality leads into the hands of the sales force


Lumigent's revolutionary Log Explorer database tool interprets information automatically stored in database transaction log to find and solve database problems. Sales were good. Existing Direct Mailer was delivering a high (6%) high response rate, but Sales people were unhappy with the overall low quality of leads as this reduced their productivity.


Identify or eliminate "tire kickers" with less promotional, more message-driven creative. Test creative. Test offers. "Raise the bar" by asking more qualifying questions on BRC and web response. Test all of the above against available email and direct mail lists. Roll out the winners.


Renaissance provided database development, messaging, creative concept, production and delivery of print and electronic lead generation pieces as well as programmatic web pages for lead capture and analysis of response metrics.


New, sustainable response rate of 3.2% delivered significantly higher quality leads in greater numbers and at a lower cost-per-qualified-lead than previous program.