Moody's (KMV) - New York, NY

Project: Demand generation with Marketing Automation

Mission: Implement a new go-to-market strategy



Redefine and recalibrate the sales engine to enable a capability to predictably drive net new revenue at a dramatically reduced cost per Sales Accepted Lead (SAL)(-400%).

Our work:

With the senior executive team, Renaissance created a Risk Management (Social) networking site, and the relevant customer centric content, for MKMV’s new Commercial Banking Resource Center. The site provides a forum for credit risk professionals to exchange ideas and learn best practices while allowing Moody's to qualify, track, score and prioritize lead and deal flow. Moody's quintupled their identified/qualified target audience, improved their internal processes & methodologies and unburdened sales from nurture and education so that these valuable resources could focus on the most profitable and timely relationships.