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Renaissance is a seasoned team of senior level marketing professionals focused at helping organizations drive rapid, measurable and predictable deal flow. For over twenty years, many of the largest and fastest growing companies have brought Renaissance their toughest marketing challenges.

Over recent months, and years, a multitude of new marketing and sales mediums, disciplines, technologies, and requisite processes, have arrived in the marketplace, making the job of developing and harvesting revenue pipeline considerably more complex. In addition, the balance of power between customer and sales has irrevocably shifted. Renaissance helps organizations successfully navigate these ever evolving paradigms and measurably deliver insights, solutions and initiatives to meet your goals.

Over the years they have developed a core team of strategically focused and tactically expert professionals with the intellectual and creative capital to help our clients optimize their sales engines. Renaissance remains focused at helping clients drive more sales, faster, and with better margins.

In addition to the core management and strategic demand generation teams of Renaissance, are offered the combined resources of an extensive capability for organizations desiring to Realize the Revenue Promise of Marketing Automation through our sister company RenaissanceOPTI.

Bill Stone

Bill Stone

Bill launched the company, and the concept, now known as RenaissanceOPTI - an innovative extension of the original Renaissance brand established in 1989. The company's focus then and now, is to deliver innovative, actionable, cost-effective marketing solutions to drive rapid sales growth. Bill's sharpening of his team's focus by way of Renaissance OPTI is in response to a dramatic shift in the way progressive B2B organizations can now utilize marketing automation to drive greater marketing and sales effectiveness. Bill has assembled a living arsenal of expert resources to supply his clients with the skills, processes and knowledge necessary to finally deliver on the Revenue Promise of Marketing Automation.

Prior to creating Renaissance, Bill was a Sr. Account Executive at Mullen Advertising. He also had an early equity interest at Database Marketing Corporation, one of the first and fastest growing B2B database marketing agencies in the country. His depth of experience in demand generation, direct response advertising, and database marketing brings a unique holistic perspective to understanding the customer buying-cycle. This experience, along with his proven ability to define and then integrate strategy, creativity, process and data management into cohesive, measurable and repeatably successful initiatives keeps his clients' revenue, and Renaissance OPTI, growing. Bill has a BA from St. Lawrence University.

Bill Stone

J Tormey

J's forte is highly targeted, message-driven integrated marketing communications.  He's written for every type of media there is --TV, radio, print, outdoor, circulars, brochures, data sheets, training tapes, websites, multimedia, corporate events, guerilla marketing, you name it. He's quickly able to grok what a company has to offer, and then see things from your customers' point of view to get a feel for what's important to them. (Is what you want to say really what they need to hear?) His craft is developing the right message, distilling that message to its essence, and then delivering it with maximum dramatic impact to generate interest, awareness and action. J's even written questions for Trivial Pursuit. (And if that doesn't impress you, I don't know what will.)

J began his career at Canton Advertising, the in-house agency for Hills Department Stores. This was followed by a stint at Bombaci + Mitchell Advertising in Wellesley Hills, MA (one of the earliest direct shops). J then moved on to Mullen where he became senior-writer-at-large for a variety of Direct Marketing, PR and General Advertising accounts. He left Mullen to join forces with Bill In 1993.  Education: MIT.