“Great Creative and insight that you could only get from individuals who've been around for over a decade.”
Scott Eliot

Dragon Systems

“Bill and J have demonstrated an ability to provide powerful analytical objectivity and apply it to our lead generation efforts strategically. They took a new category - speech recognition - and garnered response rates from 6-9% with a direct purchase rate of 1%, (in cold prospecting efforts!), whereas prior efforts were generating response rates of less than 1%.”
Steve Kreth
Dragon Systems, LiveVault


“From a cost standpoint they make it easy upfront. I've been able to count on the fact that what was estimated is what the invoice will come in at - or, that they'll give me a heads-up ahead of time before its too late.”
Richard Halpern

Hurwitz Group

“You want specialists to work with you developing campaigns as complex as this for a number of reasons. Renaissance specializes in planning, developing, executing and analyzing comprehensive direct marketing campaigns.”
Carol Urbano
Hurwitz Group

Progress Software

“I love these guys! They can think like sales management and execute flawlessly.”
Jim Morganstern
Progress Software


“Timing is always critical in the context of a campaign. Multiple efforts need to dove-tail. With everything on the line, and in spite of the inherent changes demanded in an already tight timeframe, Renaissance manages the entire process to save the day.”
Mike Kozub


“Where ever I go, they go. They are a solid strategic partner.”
Ellen Rome
Wang Software, Eastman Software, Optika